PT Telefast Indonesia (Telefast) was established on October 17, 2008, with business activities (KBLI) Telecommunication Equipment, Engineering Equipment, Mechanical, Electrical, Management Consulting Services (HR. Business). Mr. Jody Hedrian, ST, MBA as the founder of Telefast started the company as a sales agent for Telecommunication products for the needs of pulse stores/outlets and continues to grow to become a distributor of one of the telecommunications operators for the provinces of Banten and Central Java, with a total of more than 10,000 retail stores. this.
Seeing the breadth of the marketing network managed by Telefast and the ability to manage sales and marketing personnel, Telefast has developed not only to market telecommunications products but also to distribute human resource needs to these stores/outlets. Therefore, in 2019 Telefast is expanding its business network into the Human Resources industry which is integrated with digital technology. Apart from providing the needs of Human Resources (outsourcing company), Telefast also provides a Human Resource Integrated System (HRIS).
Then in 2020, Telefast repositioned its business strategy to engage in the supply chain management business through its subsidiary PT Logitek Digital Nusantara (LDN). With the extensive retail network and supporting technology owned by Telefast and the very rapid development of e-commerce, the company sees a promising business opportunity where Telefast can provide more comprehensive logistics services. 

Besides, Telefast through LDN has also collaborated with SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia (SiCepat) to develop drop points for package delivery and invites Third Party Logistics (3PL) in Indonesia to join forces to develop the logistics industry. This collaboration is expected to provide the best logistics services to meet the needs of the Indonesian people for convenience in the package delivery process.