Based on the Deed of Establishment of Limited Liability Company number 05 in the presence of notary Devi Prihartanti, SH which has been ratified by the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. C-627 HT. 03. 01-TH 2005, PT Telefast Indonesia (Telefast) was established on October 17, 2008 and is equipped with a Trading Business License (SIUP) No. 01716 / 1,824,271 issued on January 29, 2009 with business activities (KBLI), such as Telecommunications Equipment, Engineering Equipment, Mechanical, Electrical, Management Consulting Services (HR. Business).

The purpose and objective of Telefast's establishment is to become a retail distribution company that is based on the experience and expertise of the founder Mr. Jody Hedrian in managing Human Resources as a sales and marketing force for Communication products spread throughout the provinces of Banten and Central Java. Through the latest amendment no. 20 dated February 12, 2019 made before notary Ny Rose Takarina, SH which was approved by KEMENKUMHAM RI NO: AHU-0009151.AH.01.02, Telefast has added its business activities to become a provider of human resource solutions.

At the end of December 2018, Telefast acquired a digital application and platform company, PT Bilik Sinergi Indonesia (Bilik Kerja). This is done to support the system owned by PT Telefast Indonesia so that it can connect between employers and job seekers in one application. In 2019, Telefast took a corporate action by acquiring PT Emitama Wahana Mandiri (EWM) to strengthen its business structure. EWM is a company provides manpower supply that has been equipped with various licenses. Until now, human resources managed by PT Telefast Indonesia have reached 400 people who work together to achieve goals in gaining company profits.